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Is Rhinoplasty Better With A Plastic Surgeon Or An Otolaryngologist?

There are various arguments inclined by one option or another: some people assert that ENT specialists are the ideal specialists for cosmetic intervention given their extensive knowledge of the functioning of the airways, aspects in which, in general, a plastic surgeon does not receive so much training during his years of specialization.

On the other hand, others affirm that rhinoplasty should be left in the hands of plastic surgeons since we have years of studies and training in aesthetic and reconstructive operations; therefore, they guarantee better results. In addition, duly specialized and certified facial plastic surgeons have, like ENT specialists, the knowledge necessary to correct functional problems of the nose. In general terms,

Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeon vs. Otolaryngologist

Some patients come to the office with the intention of having rhinoplasty but suffer from serious respiratory disorders, severe deviations of the septum, or other diagnoses that make it difficult for them to breathe easily. Consultation with an otolaryngologist is essential for these cases, as the specialist will carry out a more detailed assessment and will authorize the patient to undergo rhinoplasty without putting their health at risk. Some patients even turn to both specialists: the ENT corrects the nasal deformity, while the plastic surgeon solves the aesthetic problems of the nose. Some doctors are both a nose job surgeon and an Otolaryngologist.

Medical Recommendations

If you, as a patient, want to treat an aesthetic problem, turn to a certified rhinoplasty plastic surgeon who is able to improve functional and aesthetic problems in your nose, this will be your best option. On the other hand, if the problem is exclusively functional (difficulty in the respiratory tract) and requires endoscopic interventions in certain cases, it is best to turn to an otolaryngologist with experience in this type of surgical intervention.

Above all, go to a certified doctor, with experience, with ethics, and who has the latest technology to perform this type of surgical intervention. It is important that your doctor perform a detailed clinical examination with appropriate diagnostic studies. A professional and certified doctor will perform a good medical analysis and will know how to correctly advise you on what your face needs, in order to solve both the aesthetic and functional problems of your nose in just one procedure. In my medical office, I can offer you a nose surgery, depending on your diagnosis, which will greatly improve your breathing and, of course, the size, shape, and projection of the nose.

These complimentary plastic surgeries last 1 to 2 hours, depending on the corrections the patient needs. Recovery is relatively quick, as long as they follow my medical instructions, and the final result will be visible after 6 months. Very often, my patients express their satisfaction to me because they breathe better and eliminate the discouragement they felt when looking at themselves in the mirror.