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Six Questions To Ask Your Surgeon When You Want A Facelift

Your plastic surgery consultation can be an exciting and stressful appointment that, if not prepared, can be done in the blink of an eye. Having a good idea of ​​what you want to get out of your consultation ahead of time can help you feel prepared and make the most of your time with your surgeon. That is why we bring this article, in collaboration with 2×3, with these 6 questions you should ask your plastic surgeon when you want to do a facelift.

  1. What Are Your Certifications To Perform This Procedure?

This may seem obvious, but it is important that during your consultation with the surgeon, you ask about their certifications. Are they certified? What kind of experience do you have with this procedure? Can you see a sample before and after photos?

  1. Where Will The Facelift Be Performed?

This is your opportunity to meet your surgeon and gather all the information you need to feel comfortable with them performing your cosmetic surgery. As important as the “who” is the “where” of your cosmetic surgery. Talk to your surgeon about the facility where you will actually have the surgery, question the building’s certifications for patient safety, and whether or not the surgeon has hospital privileges for the facility. Otherwise, if a complication arises, you may be sent to another emergency room or hospital for treatment.

  1. Am I A Good Candidate For A Facelift, Physically And Emotionally?

One of the most important questions for a plastic surgeon before a facelift is whether you are an ideal candidate, not only physically, but also emotionally. Ideal candidates for a facelift are generally healthy, with no medical complications that can affect healing; They do not smoke, and it is important that they have realistic expectations of what a facelift can achieve. You should also consider your personal situation and your emotional health. Do you have someone to help you take care of yourself while you recover? Can downtime be managed in a healthy way?

  1. What Complications Are Possible, And How Would You Handle Them?

It is important to ask your surgeon during your consultation about possible complications from a facelift. This can help you feel comfortable with your decision to have a facelift and with your surgeon in case something unexpected happens.

  1. What Can I Expect During The Consultation?

This will be the main topic of your consultation: talking with the surgeon about your specific concerns and how a facelift could help you achieve your goals. Together, they will decide what is realistic for the result and what specific methods can be used to achieve that result. The details of your surgery will affect the details of your recovery. Take this opportunity to ask your plastic surgeon what to expect from the recovery period and how you can start preparing.

  1. What Results Can I Expect?

One of the most exciting questions you will ask your plastic surgeon before a facelift is about the results. It is the reason you have chosen to do it, and discussing exactly what a facelift can do with your surgeon in advance is one of the best things you can do to prepare.